Ralph Smith

I was in Douglas, Wyoming, at the Walker Ranch, ready to photograph the solar eclipse. The night before the eclipse, some friends and I decided to get up early to photograph the Milky Way – after all, it was going to be a dark night! Sure enough, the Milky Way was quite prominent. I captured […]

The Great Basin National Park is a designated “Dark Sky” destination, meaning it is an excellent place to photograph the stars when the moon is down. Janet and I visited the Park recently, and I was out to see if I could take advantage of the opportunity. I was not disappointed. I left our comfortable […]

The Great Basin National Park is a designated Dark Sky destination – for good reason. Janet and I recently visited the Park during a new moon, and the sky was something to see. I have not seen the Milky Way extend from horizon to horizon in many years. The isolation of the Great Basin National […]

Knights of the Templar Portrait Session

For the first time, I took pictures of people instead of landscapes and wildlife.  The Knights of the Templar is a small group of young people interested in riding horses and wearing medieval garb.  The Portrait Special Interest Group of the Fort Collins Digital Camera Club were invited to an afternoon with them, and we […]