Fine Nature Photography by Ralph Smith

The images on this web page are the accumulation of years of creative artistry by Ralph Smith. Ralph has been interested in photography all his life, and now that he’s retired from academic life, he is devoting much more time to this passion. Early morning habits from growing up on an eastern Colorado farm make it easier to capture sunrises on the plains. Travel around the United States allows the viewer access to wonders of nature that are priceless.

The images portray nature at its finest. Ralph has always had an interest in landscape photography.  Family were often impatient with his putting up a bulky camera to capture a wonderful scene. He is faster now, but spends many hours alone waiting for just the right moment.  He has gained insight from workshops, reading and experimentation with digital technology. He has also developed a keen interest in wildlife photography, and the abundance of wild animals in Northern Colorado makes this new phase of his art a natural fit.

Green Drake Photo was developed to allow viewers to purchase his work for themselves. Ralph’s photographs are ideal for the living room, den, office or hallway to enjoy the wonders of nature. Imagine one of these landscapes printed on a large frame!  Photographs may be printed as a framed print, a plaque-mount, on canvas or metal. You may also use these images for your business by way of a calendar, greeting card sets, or attention-getting adornment for your office, waiting room, or entryway. Please contact Ralph if you have any questions or want more information.