Photo of Ralph SmithRalph Smith created greendrakephoto.com to provide an outlet for his photography.  Ralph has been interested in photography all his life, progressing from a Minolta twin-lens reflex to a Hasselblad to a 4×5 view camera, complete with black hood and bellows.

Ralph was trained as a scientist, and photography was an outlet for creativity.  Ralph has recently retired from academic life, and creating this web site is an important step to realizing a life-long ambition of devoting serious time to photography.

He has always enjoyed landscape photography, and has recently started photographing wildlife.  His has taken workshops from notable Colorado photographers such as Colorado landscape photographer John Fielder and Vic Schendel of Fort Collins, a professional who specializes in wildlife.

Ralph’s passion, besides his family, is enjoying the outdoors, especially landscapes and wildlife, and this web site is a wonderful outlet for sharing his images.  Northern Colorado is a naturally scenic location, and there is ready access to the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Pawnee National Grasslands, and the Rocky Mountains in general.

Ralph and his wife Janet are traveling more now that he’s retired, and sharing photographs from trips will be a frequent addition to the site.  Ralph’s photographs have been available through Mac’s Frame Shop in Fort Collins for several months, and a discount for his photos is available if they are framed at Mac’s.