Wildflowers on Snowy Range

I traveled to Snowy Range in Southern Wyoming a couple of days ago.  A friend was recently up there, and reported the wildflowers were beautiful, so I had to check it out.  They were indeed all over the place, especially above 9000 feet.  The first photo is a columbine nestled against a pine tree – selected for a dark background and relative shelter from the Wyoming wind.  I’m amazed at how much columbines move in the wind – exasperating for a photographer!  Nevertheless, I caught a nice calm moment, and the results are pleasing. Columbine on Snowy Range

The second photograph is something special.  I was carefully looking around in a meadow when I spotted this tiny intensely blue/purple flower.  In fact, I almost stepped on it!  It was so tiny and low to the ground, it took a lot of effort to configure my camera and lens to get the shot.  After I returned home, my trusty flower book identified it as a fringed gentian, and most likely the Rocky Mountain variety.  I really like the intense color and texture of the flower.Fringed Gentian on Snowy RangeThe third photograph was taken just before I gave up for the morning. I noticed a clump of flowers nestled against an old log, and thought I might have a nice composition.  The dusty beardtongue is a relatively common plant in the high country, but the blossoms are quite attractive.  The texture of the old log makes a nice backdrop for the flower.  Dusky Beardtongue on Snowy RangeTo capture this image, I hade to contort myself into a yoga-like pose to keep from damaging flowers behind me (too much).


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    Beautiful, Ralph. I especially like the fringed gentian. Art.


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