Still Life

Wildflowers on Snowy Range

I traveled to Snowy Range in Southern Wyoming a couple of days ago.  A friend was recently up there, and reported the wildflowers were beautiful, so I had to check it out.  They were indeed all over the place, especially above 9000 feet.  The first photo is a columbine nestled against a pine tree – […]

Wildflower Festival Photography Contest Submission

Crested Butte is currently hosting the 30th Annual Wildflower Festival.  For photographers, one of the side-benefits is the opportunity to enter photographs in their annual Photography Contest.  Entries are evaluated by local artists, and winning photos are posted in the Wildflower Festival booklet in the coming year.  This is my second year to submit photographs, […]

Icicles, Albany, NY

Janet and I just returned from Albany, NY.  Winter there has been hard with lots of snow and ice.  Although my photography was largely confined to family photos, I managed to get out for a few snaps.  I was fascinated by the many icicles I spotted dangling from rooftops.  The icicles in the first photo were […]